Life Skills

LIFE SKILLS - provide parameters to help one evaluate his/her own performance, to guide and to help one understand which social behaviors will enhance his/her success.

  • Integrity - To conduct oneself according to a sense of what’s right and wrong.
  • InitiativeTo do something because it needs to be done.
  • Flexibility - The ability to alter plans when necessary.
  • Perseverance - To continue in spite of difficulties.
  • Organization - To plan, arrange and implement in an orderly way. 
  • Sense of Humor - To laugh and be playful without hurting others. 
  • Effort - To try your best. 
  • Common Sense - To use good judgment by thinking things through. 
  • Problem-solving - To seek solutions in difficult situations and everyday problems. 
  • Responsibility - To respond when appropriate, to b e accountable for your actions. 
  • Patience - To wait calmly for someone or something. 
  • Friendship - To make and keep a friend through mutual trust and caring. 
  • Curiosity - To investigate and seek understanding. 
  • Cooperation - To work together toward a common goal or purpose.
  • Caring - To feel and show concern for others. 
  • Pride - Satisfaction from doing your personal best. 
  • Courage - To act according to one’s beliefs. 
  • Resourcefulness - To respond to challenges in creative ways.