In August Fairview focused on the Life Skill of Friendship. During the August announcements, Mr. England acknowledged several students along with their acts of friendship in the classroom, cafe, on the playground and or in the hallways. The following students were recognized for their acts of friendship: 

  • Kindergarten

Rose Krouse

Lylah Milton

Anna Saip 

  • First Grade

  Mila Fish 

  Jordan Rivera

  Railey Irwin 

  • Second Grade 

  Colton Walker

  Kambreigh Davis

  • Third Grade 

  Emily Hollis 

  Drake Belcher

  Kaydence Goss 

  Lillian Sheehan 

  • Fourth Grade 

  Blakely Merritt

  Henry Griswold 

  • Fifth Grade 

  Bentley Orr

  Abby Cooper