Mission and Belief Statements


The mission of Fairview Elementary is to promote academic excellence and responsible citizenship.



  1. We believe each child is a unique individual capable of learning at a high level; therefore, staff members work toward helping students attain or exceed grade-level requirements and fulfill their personal potential.
  2. We believe students are motivated through an enriched environment.  Inquiry, self-discovery, and brain-compatible techniques encourage problem-solving, critical thinking, and creativity.  Utilizing self-assessment, as well as standardized assessment/benchmarking combined with teacher/student data chats points out strengths and weaknesses.
  3. We believe that the school, parents and community all work together to assist students in becoming life-long learners and responsible citizens.  Communication is a vital link in this cooperative effort.
  4. We believe the Lifelong Guidelines and Life Skills, as well as other research-based information serve as the foundation for behavioral development and appropriate decision-making.
  5. We believe that establishing procedures provides a nurturing and protective environment for our children.